Dossier Il testo teatrale tra filologia e messa in scena. L’esperienza dell’Università di Trento


Alice Bonandini, Giorgio Ieranò


The following two papers present one of the most recent research perspectives of the classical scholars from the Department of Humanities at the University of Trento. Since its foundation, a special focus has been paid to ancient theatre, and particularly to Greek tragedy; in the latest years, this tradition has taken up a new dimension that, while maintaining a rigorous philological and textual approach, also promotes an interdisciplinary perspective that studies the theatrical text for what it is: namely, a script, the nucleus of a performance characterised by its own semiotics and communicative dimension. This is the perspective at the basis of the activities of the Dionysos workshop, as illustrated in the first paper.…

I due contributi che seguono intendono presentare una delle prospettive lungo le quali si è di recente indirizzato il lavoro dei classicisti del Dipartimento di Lettere e Filosofia dell’Università di Trento…

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