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Numero 13 del 2022

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La morte di Eschilo

Vittorio Citti

Aeschylus probably left Athens after the success of Oresteia for fear of revenge from the conservative party. The story of the eagle and the tortoise is manifestly absurd, it only says that the poet's corpse was found with its cranium smashed. The assa…

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Riflessioni sul finale della Lisistrata

Luca Bettarini

By reviewing the whole exodos of Lysistrata and more specifically the three songs alternatively performed by Spartans and Athenians, this paper tries to highlight the dramatic framework adopted by Aristophanes in order to promote peace between the two…

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Testo e prossemica in Plauto, Stichus 90

Renata Raccanelli

Among the variant readings featured in the manuscript tradition of Plautus’ Stichus 90, editors today do not hesitate to adopt the text witnessed by the Ambrosian palimpsest. In the light of a recent reinterpretation of this passage, however, it …

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Spettacoli di varietà nell’antico Egitto

Gennaro Tedeschi

Papyri often offer useful and sometimes indispensable informations for a better understanding of the variety shows imported from the Greeks to Egypt. In this contribution I intend to follow the thin red thread that unites the documentary and paralet…

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